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[When you check your Hitomi today, there's a strange message. It's just there, no name or image attached to it to suggest the sender. It looks almost like a parchment scroll on the screen.

What's funny is you might have already seen Celestials across Kannagara reading it in physical form, especially in Raisato and Mizusato, and frowning in thought. Muttering to each other on the street, giving you the occasional long, somewhat hard look. Maybe she looked sympathetic for a second though, before glancing away quickly.

Maybe he just glared at you.

But many of them are reading the exact handbill that now appears namelessly on your Hitomi. ]

vol. 1, issue 1.

[Next to finely written characters - kanji? English? they're a little hard to look at if you think about it - is an image painted in bold strokes. A village, burning, with grotesque monsters ripping apart terrified natives. To the side are injured Celestials being tended on blankets on the ground, and at the bottom a sole Celestial stands with arms raised in praise to the sun.]

Praise be to the Heavenly Gods who have delivered us from this terrible ordeal! Seven days of bloody rampaging from the dark forces of Yomi have left our Celestial villages in ruin and many dead and injured. It is said the number of our dead is six of thousands, while more than ten thousand Celestial survivors await medical treatment. We loyal Celestials thank the gods for sparing our humble lives and driving the demons from hell back to the underworld! Let us give prayer and offerings to the Heavenly gods so that we might be protected from future terror.

[ The article continues on to say that Raisato and Mizusato have constructed survivor camps and that provisions are being brought in wherever possible as food and medical supplies are very scarce. It asks for help from any skilled laborers or men of medicine for help in reconstruction, burial, and medical treatment. That the Celestials not native to those villages and still healthy are returning to their ruined homes and slowly rebuilding what they can. There is also a mention of how some Nomad tribes have arrived at Raisato and Mizusato and are offering their healing powers to all. ]


Celestials! I urge you to look around and see for yourself the carnage of our brethren! Wherefore has such tragedy befallen us? We continue to offer the Holy Celestial deities our daily prayers and offerings, and cast out those who have fallen from grace lest the darkness of their blood become a plague upon our houses! Yet we have lost our homes and our families, our dear comrades and friends. What sin have we loyal Celestials done to deserve such wrath and punishment? We have opened our villages to these strangers who do not have the holy mark of ajna upon their skin! Many have invited them into our homes and places of business, consorted with such unclean denizens of other worlds.

Lo! Behold the folly of your ways! We must cast these unholy beings out from within our midst! We must no longer consort with them, dine with them, nor offer them a single mon. The Celestial gods have spoken -- they are displeased with our generosity. It is time, good Celestials, to take action, lest we continue our path towards ruin! 

Blessed be the name of Izanagi no Mikoto, Father of all Celestial gods.

Celestial Chronicle is seeking more stories! Please send yours through hawk or dragon courier. Trained couriers are located in the Raisato and Mizusato markets.

[OOC: Characters may respond to this post to talk about it, post their own post on the network about it, or if your character has a story, you can simply respond to this post with it! ]



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