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[ video ] Week Seventeen, Day One

[Ah, he'll give you video today. This is a time you want to know the faces of your allies and Roy Mustang is all about the timing. His expression is relaxed, dark eyes roaming over something in his hand. It does bother him, greatly, the turn of events from that little festival that they all attended some time ago. But this isn't about getting into the days long past. After a moment of skimming the work he's already read, he gives a bit of a fake grin.]

Christmas? I wonder what she'd say about that. I expect she'd scold me for forgetting such a day.

[And then he goes back to reading and that easy grin fades to nothing, a slight furrow in his brow. He remembers when it was he who was doing the persecuting, when it was the men under him, fighting in a war, killing, laughing, because of what seemed like differences in skin and eye color. He remembers their blood, as red as his, and how they smelled when they burned, just like any other man.

He doesn't intend to let it get that far. He's a lover, not a fighter. He doesn't have to agree with the things being said, the emotions on high, but he likes working in that atmosphere. Where would he be if hostilities got to him?

It takes but a second more before he looks at the Hitomi, that usually easy expression, the smirk, gone for the seriousness of the situation that looms before them.]

I noticed something when I arrived. It didn't seem like much of a problem before, but I think this--[look at him give that paper a bit of a wave]--makes it a little bit more important.

We're lacking in organization. We need more than scattered soldiers fighting monsters. That's all well, if that were the only thing we're facing, but we have every day dangers. Attacks on trade routes. Slavery. And then there are those who come in blind. I don't know about you, but this isn't acceptable where I'm from.

[Bet you didn't think you'd see that smirk again, did you? And Hawkeye might recognize that little fire there. Come on, you know how he is about these sorts of things. Why not? His reach for Fuhrer isn't all selfish.]

I'll even give up some of my own free time to help push this along. Anybody interested? [Ladies?]


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Jan. 8th, 2011 08:51 am (UTC)
Miss Rin!

[Ah, what a sound for sore ears!]

Cooperation. With each other and with the natives.
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