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[Week 19, Day 2] [Video]

[Before the feed begins, Hannah finds herself quite confused and quite hesitant. She feels a fear rooted deep with her; in through her rib cage, by her lungs and straight into her heart and then down to her stomach. This is not where she is supposed to be. She knows this because she is alone and she can feel the presence of Alois and Luka settling inside her like a stone.

She had died, had she not? Died and for a moment she had been happy because she had been with the people she loves and yet here she is. Flesh and bone and breathe and she feels empty and full all at once. There are a million questions running through her mind because this place is no place she has been before, and Hannah has been to the many levels of Hell, has traveled the Earth until she rooted herself in England and yet she has never been anywhere that feels the way this place does.

She glances at the Hitomi, her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion and she grabs it – fiddles with it until it does something. This device is foreign and unknown to her, but there is a sense within her that it might give her some answers. Hesitantly she speaks and hopes that perhaps she is not truly alone – that there is someone else out there that can hear her.]


[Her voice is strong, steady.]

Forgive me. I am unsure whether it is morning or evening. My name-

[She pauses. Her name – her name is Hannah now, is it not? That is the name she died with. She swallows.]

My name is Hannah. Is there anyone else here in this place?

[She licks her lips and stares at the Hitomi for what feels like minutes before she sighs and casts it aside. The feed ends with her holding her head in her hands.]


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Feb. 19th, 2011 10:32 pm (UTC)
[Hannah jumps just the slightest at the incoming message. So, then, this device is for communication. She watches with furrowed brows, processing the message before she repeats her earlier actions, confident that at the very least, this Rin will get her message.]

Likewise, Miss Asano. Kannagara you say? I- I see.

[The information is not difficult to process. The concept of dimensions and worlds is not new. However, given her circumstances, it is a hindrance, somewhat, to be here.]

Can you explain this place to me, if it's not too troubling?
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Feb. 20th, 2011 02:47 pm (UTC)
[It is the mention of gods that ignites a spark of interest in Hannah. There is a curious tilt to her head as she ponders this information. So her circumstances now are because of the whims of deity's - well, though she may unused to being the plaything of beings higher than herself, this is not entirely un-new to Hannah. She, after all, once played with the lives of mortals as though she were god, once too. Regardless of that fact, it is somewhat.. annoying, to be the toy of someone else.

Her annoyance does not show on her face however. Instead she manages a small, polite quip of her lips and she nods in gratitude for the information.]

Thank you again, Miss Asano. I think I can take care of myself against bandits and monsters, but the prospect of somewhere to rest for the moment does sound appealing. That is, if it is not too much trouble?
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 20th, 2011 11:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Miss Asano.

[She pauses, unsure of what else to say. While she does not have any further questions there is something about gapes in conversations that she finds somewhat awkward.

Ah. Rather than dwell on it, she presses her lips together and she waits patiently.]


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