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[nightmare] | Week 2; Day 4

[Dead. That's what everyone knew. The girl by the name of Kuchiki Rukia was dead. But how can the dead... dream? How can the dead have nightmares. Rukia spent all this time avoiding the plague of sleep to keep the privacy of her dreams. Now in death, she can't sleep, kept awake by waking terrors and nightmares.]

No regrets.

No regrets.

No regrets.

I have no regrets.

A cross. That’s what she’s nailed against. Crucified for her actions.

I have no regrets.

Violet eyes scan the people below. Everyone clad in black and white.

I have no regrets.

Her captain, Ukitake, is looking up at her with soft eyes. He regrets not being able to do more for her.

I have no regrets.

Her brother, Byakuya, has his back turned to her. She can’t see his face. He regrets not keeping his promise to Hisana.

I have no regrets.

Her best friend, Renji, is kneeling on the ground by the force of the Second Division corps. He’s straining to look up at her. He regrets not being able to save her.
I have no regrets.

Those who tried to save her, Ichigo, Inoue, Chad, Ishida, Ganju look on from a distance. Tears fill Inoue’s eyes while the males clench their fists. They regret not being able to change the laws of Soul Society.

I have no regrets.

Violet eyes close and she sighs. This is the fate she has to accept. She broke the law, and now she would have to deal with the consequences

I have no regrets.

But then everything stops. There’s an eerie silence in the air until a male appears in front of her. Brown hair, a captain’s haori and a smile that sends chills down her spine.


Of course, this was all according to his plan. What a wonderful play! They played their parts so perfectly and she was the only one who doesn’t know. Her eyes open wide as there’s a hand suddenly to her chest. It’s inside of her. It hurts. It hurts so much that she forgets to keep her silence and screams. He’s grabbing something inside of her. Pulling, pulling, trying to bring it out. Her eyes fill with tears as she continues to scream.

No one will save her. Those below her stand and watch as if what’s going is natural. No one moves. Won’t anyone come save her?

I have--.

There’s a hole in her chest. How is she still breathing? Her heart is in his hand. She sees it but feels nothing but the pain. Her vision is blurring. Her screaming is silenced. She slumps over, the blood pouring from her chest. How was she still alive right now?

In an instant, all the Gotei Thirteen captains and vices surround her. All of them point their blade at her. The corner of Wabisuke’s blade places itself under her chin. Her head, forced to be titled up. Solid, unconfused eyes gaze haphazardly. All of them point their blade at her. Renji included. Why the change so suddenly?

I regret--

The First Division captain looks over at Byakuya and he steps forward. Her eyes try to focus on whom she called her brother.

I want to go back…

Cold eyes stare down at her. Pitiful. Good for nothing. A mistake. Street rat. A failure. Forgotten soul. Useless. A burden. An inconvenience. That’s what his eyes tell her.

Bankai. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

If her face could move in fear, it would have. Her eyes only twitched at the release of his bankai.

Massacre scene

Only a light gasp escaped her lips, as the background turns black. His sword, the pink light is everywhere. Rukia never saw his Bankai until this moment.

Closer. He walks closer. She can faintly hear the echoing of his steps. They stop and she looks up with little strength she has.


Her thoughts were cut off when a hand gently cradles the back of her head and something presses itself against her forehead. As if all bodily functions came back now, her eyes open wide.

I regret—

Soft lips. She feels that… against her forehead. The first and last sign of affection she would receive from the one she called her brother. But why? Why now?

He backs away and his lips move close to her ear. Her eyes try to focus but she can’t do it. The tears flow from her eyes once more at his words.

“My apologizes.”

He spoke to her. Not an order. Not a command. Not in discontent. But in sadness.

“Nii-s—sama…” She tries to speak in her state. The words are broken. He turns away.

“No longer call me by that title. There is nothing else between us.”

What is she supposed to call him then? That was the only name she knew.

No, now it was over.

Pivotal Scene

“Goodbye, my sister.”

She can’t hear it but she sees the mouth movement. Why…? WHY?! He… he finally calls her sister.

I regret—nothing—no… everything.

Eyes are closed as the blades point in her direction. All of them. There’s no need to count. There’s too many. In an instant, they fly in her direction. No, she doesn’t die instantly. It hurts. So much. Much more than when Aizen ripped out her heart. She screams. Impaling from every direction. She feels it all.



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