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Week 2, Day 6 [Semi-Accidental Video]

[The video starts with the screen moving around a bit, catching small glimpses of the sky and ground. A finger even slips into view, telling anyone watching that the hitomi is being held. After a long moment of a shaky screen, a raven haired man comes into view.

Kaien is looking at the device with knit brows, and the shinigami is obviously tense. Aqua green eyes glance away from the hitomi and out to the distance where he can see lightning cracking. The air seems tense to him, and if he's not mistaken, there must be fighting happening out there.

One of his hands lifts suddenly and his palm presses flat to his chest; to the place where he should have a stab wound. Those eyebrows knit harder and Kaien looks like the breath escaped him, much as it physically did.]

I don't understand...

[Fingers tighten grip, tugging at the fabric of his shihakusho a little bit. Kaien swallows hard, that gaze flicking down, the frown on his face sharpening quite a bit. Kaien dips out of the view of the camera for a moment before coming back into view with a mildly horrified look on his face. Those eyes are obviously trained on something, and it may not be possible for him to frown any harder.]


[This makes absolutely no sense to him. Why is his Zanpakuto here? It was destroyed on the night he was killed. This question leads to the next one, why is he even aware of his own being right now? Kaien has always believed that the only part of him that could exist through death was the memories of his existence held by others. But now he can't be sure.

All he IS sure of is the fact that he HAD been dead. There couldn't possibly be a way to mistake the feeling of slipping into that black nothingness.

Kaien clicks his tongue against his teeth in slight irritation, before turning his attention back to the device in hand. He stares into the camera for a moment as if he's trying to figure out something, before his eyes widen a little and it becomes clear that he's realized it's recording him. After his moment of slight shock, Kaien is scowling at the thing and tapping it with his finger]

Tch, stupid thing. I didn't even press anything.

[The raven haired shinigami clicks his tongue again in thought. Maybe he can contact someone through this device he'd found on his person?

Kaien shrugs to himself at that thought, there isn't any reason why he shouldn't give it a try. When he speaks he is still scowling a bit and his voice is low and serious, but if one payed close attention they might notice he sounds a bit hopeful.]

Ah...My name is Shiba Kaien and I'm the lieutenant of Squad 13. It would be appreciated if someone could give me the name of this location so I could get into contact with my Captain...or anyone I may know here. Thanks.

[Kaien turns his attention to his surroundings again and the video goes blank as he clicks it off.]



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