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Lavi is red, Kanda is black, Raikou is purple, Gau is green...ish.

It’s a slow day. Lavi is draped all over the couch with a tea cup on the table in front of him, with steam rising from it and thus he considers it a bit too hot to drink just yet. That, or he’s just lazy, but it doesn’t really matter which, does it?

If Yu intended to sit on the couch too, well... Lavi’s occupied it completely, so Yu will have to fix that himself.

Yu had no intentions to do that, however. While sharing space with the rabbit wasn’t such a terrible offense, there was simply no reason to squeeze their personal bubbles as close as sitting on the same couch. So instead, he was sitting cross-legged on the floor at the opposite side of the table, for some reason also having a teacup in front of him, and dozing a little, and ignoring the soft, white feathers that suddenly started falling out of the ceiling.

...okay, that’s funny. For a moment, Lavi thought maybe he was just falling asleep and kind of maybe hallucinating a little, but... apparently not, because even as he blinked and rubbed his eye there were still feathers. What even.

Pffft, honestly, Yu. There was a feather in your face, and you asked what?

Lavi had to snicker at that. “Feathers.”

Kanda’s expression remained rather blank, though the slight twitch said that he was only pretending nothing out of norm was happening. So there were somehow feathers, did Lavi expect him to play with it or something? The answer is, no. “What about them?”

“They’re pretty, aren’t they?” Gau asked as he entered the room, strolling just as casually as if he moved around this room all the time. He was dressed in one of the sweater-vest-and-hakama ensemble he’d taken to in the past year or so, and he casually held a cup of tea of his own in his hand.

Without asking or waiting for permission, he simply sat on the edge of the couch and wiggled backward, pushing at Lavi’s legs to get them out of his way with his butt.

“They’d be prettier if they had some color to them, but ah well.” Raikou shrugged at that, then folded himself down to sit beside Kanda at the table, his own steaming mug of tea set down before him  as he ignored the fact that he was near shoulder-to-shoulder with the man beside him.

“Still, they’re nice to watch all the same.”

It wasn’t as if Gau and Raikou normally just popped it at any given moment or whatever, but Lavi still didn’t think it weird and rapidly pulled his legs away to make Gau fall.

“ ‘course Raikou would think that. He’s all about colours.”

Kanda scowled at the random appearance - or maybe the ass wiggling at Lavi’s feet, who knows, but first it was directed at Gau who seemed to pop up out of nowhere. What was uncommon, yes, but for some reason he didn’t find it too mind-boggingly strange. “Che,” he stated, either agreeing or disagreeing with the need for colour, and gave Raikou a distasteful look before inching away and pushing his tea along. Respect his personal bubble, man. Then he finally realized the two men had dared to pop up out of thin air without an invitation, so he gave them both a judging look. “What the fuck?” ...that was his polite way of asking what they wanted, probably. More or less. Somewhat. Or not.

Gau flopped against the back of the couch with his friend’s movement, and the tea in his cup sloshed but luckily didn’t spill. The young man didn’t seem to mind in the least, and turned to grin at Lavi, setting his cup aside so that he could reach down to attempt to tickle the man’s feet.

“You can’t say we haven’t made your lives more colorful, now can you?” he tested merrily, not reacting at all to the foul language.

There’s soft laughter, low and amused, at the shift away from Raikou - he doesn’t mind. If anything, he’d expected such a move from the prickly young man. All he does do is lean forward enough to prop his chin on his knuckles and look up to the feathers.

Slowly, they begin to change, some fading to color - soft pink and green and the palest blue.

It makes him smile, real and sincere as murmurs softly, “We can only hope they retain that color once we’re gone, right Gau?”

A little confused, Lavi blinked and pulled his feet away from Gau’s hands with a soft snort, shifting into a properly upright position on the couch. He snatched a pink feather from the air, and reached out to compare it to Raikou’s hair. Hm.

“Gone?” he repeated and tilted his head. “Whaddya mean?”

Kanda’s look now turned positively suspicious, and he examined Gau and Raikou for a few moments looking for any known sign of terrorists or something of the like. “What, you’re plotting some ritual suicide or shit?” he inquired with blank bitterness, if this was an necessary part of this whole gods and gay thing, he was now even more sure he wanted no part of it. Heck, then this whole visit was fucking creepy and he wanted no part of it either, go away.

“Not exactly.”

Gau reached out to brush fingers against one of the feathers, giggled gently as it shifted to a green, not unlike the shade of his eyes. He flicked the feather idly away from himself, watching it spiral toward his partner.

“But it’s past time we rest, I believe. This world is very beautiful, but it’s not our home, and the world from before... is no longer our home either.”

Raikou just rolled his eyes at Kanda’s question, because really? This is one man that was so far back in the closet, he was in Narnia, so far as Raikou was concerned. Gau’s words, however, bring his thoughts back to their reason for being there in the first place and he sighs, then finally cuts his gaze over to Kanda, then Lavi.

There’s a quiet acceptance tinged with regret there before he shakes his head. “There’s nothing to go home to, were we able to go and, honestly... we could try to soldier on here, but we’ve been offered a gift. One we’ve decided to accept.”

He drew a breath, then let it out before stating softly, “Konohanasakuya-hime has offered us a place to stay, permanently, in the Celestial Plains as her servants. We won’t be coming back.”

Wow, what? Uh... That was a pretty weird thing to hear. For a moment Lavi could only stare, a bit in disbelief, because... it really was hard to believe! That these two, who had overall seemed fairly pleased with where they were...

Although maybe it made sense too. It wasn’t like he didn’t understand, either; he knew very well what it was like to feel stuck between two worlds, and if there was a choice that he could be satisfied with... He would accept it in the blink of an eye too. Just... It made him sad.

“No? Ah...” A soft, almost dry laugh, and he ran a hand through his hair. “And you two’ve been here since I arrived. How weird.”

Kanda’s initial response was staring as well, though, of course, it wasn’t nearly as obvious as Lavi’s. He really had trouble processing what was just said, as well. It was possible to get out - just like that? And furthermore, to something completely unknown, and those guys just went and said yes. Not that he couldn’t understand that, but it was just a little too strange. And well... what Lavi was true as much as Kanda wouldn’t admit it; by now it would be weird without them. Somehow. But wait a minute, nobody explained how the hell it was supposed to work yet, and he suddenly felt very insulted, because clearly his brainpower was underestimated here and it had to be a chip trick, yeah, totally. “Very funny,” he just muttered. “If you’re here just to fuck around, get the hell out.”


Gau’s voice was soft, gentle. He flicked a feather in the man’s direction, watching it float down toward Kanda’s head, a smile on his lips.

“If you’ll miss us, say that. Don’t pretend.”

Of course, he’s pretty sure Kanda won’t miss him, honestly. But he’s quite sure Kanda will miss his partner.

Raikou only just managed to keep his laughter from breaking free at Kanda’s gruffness and Gau’s words. Instead he focused for a moment on Lavi, offers his friend a small, understanding smile and a nod. Lavi’s friendship is one that has offered him a steadiness and a reprieve in so many ways in their time here, despite the rocky start, and Kanda...

Well, he’d always hold a special place way, way, way down in his heart for the man he’d ‘married’ for such a short time.

But they were both strong men, and honestly, Raikou fully believed in their ability to keep moving forward in a place like this. Which is why he dropped his gaze to his tea, then flicked an understanding look to Kanda. “We didn’t come here to ‘fuck around’, Yu. We came to say thank you... and good-bye.”

Lavi returned the smile with a bit of a skew one of his own, and dropped his head back with a sigh. Yeah, good luck with getting Yu to admit this got to him in any way at all. Heh...

This was really making him kind of sad.

Like hell Kanda was going to say something like that, even though he suspected there might have been some truth in it. Maybe. He had just gotten somewhat tolerant of the idiots, that’s all. Maybe grew some sort of grudging respect for the samurai. That’s all. It doesn’t equal missing or something of that sort, it’s much more simple.

So he just scowls and gives bitter looks. It changes into slightly outrageous one at the mention of his name though; he hisses and in a sudden motion reaches for his cup, as if intending to brain Raikou right in the head with it. He pauses as the end of the sentence reaches his ears though; he’s still angry, teeth bared, but he’s not delivering any violence. Yet.

“So I guess that story of yours was... true,” he just says, simply, almost with a bit of distaste. Yu Kanda cares little for goodbyes, that’s how it’s always been. But it still doesn’t hurt to have a little of it sometimes. But not too much.

Gau couldn’t help but laugh, really. He shook his head as he did so, as if to say ‘good old Kanda’, but he really didn’t know what to say to the man. A roll of the eyes, and then, “Of course it was true. I did go there before, after all.”

He turned his attention to Lavi, because it was easier, simpler, and flopped himself over onto his friend’s shoulder, laughing a little more. “You’ll at least admit you’ll miss me, right, Lavi-nii?”

“We just... had to tell someone, to explain where we were going, and for us... we’ve fought the most here, near or beside you and the others we’ve lost along the way.” He shrugs at that, then drops his own gaze from Lavi and lifts his own tea, takes one last, long sip, then sets the mug down. He hesitates, then turns a thoughtful gaze from Lavi to Kanda before offering the latter a crooked smile.

“Can I get you to humor me a moment? Gau and I both have things we’d like to say privately - if we could just step across the room?”

“ ‘course, Gau!” Lavi clapped Gau on the opposite shoulder and chuckled. Most definitely, he would miss them both a lot. Raikou more so, but... yeah. And then he gave Raikou a curious look, but shrugged and stood up. “Alright.”

Meanwhile Kanda continued frowning into his cup. That’s it, then. What’s the point in saying anything more -- wait, what. His scowl got darker as he finally looked away from the tea and to the person talking. “I don’t need to know anything you can’t say openly,” he stated indifferently and picked up his mug to take a sip. Not that he wouldn’t have moved anyway, but since Lavi got up first, he’d let him fuck off wherever and just stay here not moving a hair with all of his prideful presence intact. Ain’t moving that royal butt off that carpet for a mere peasant’s request, fuck yeah. It’s all about principles. Thanks, Rabbit.

Gau stood as well, smiling a little toward Lavi and Raikou before turning his eyes back to Kanda. He honestly didn’t know the man as well as he’d like to, but he knew a few things that he definitely approved of: including the fact that Kanda cared for Lavi and Lenalee. And he couldn’t help being amused by the strange relationship between this man and Gau’s own lover, how they’d gone from antagonistic to... well, something like antagonistic friends.

[When the static is gone, it's no longer a dream, though the device is still recording and showing two men still asleep on a couch.]

[Kanda looks like he had suddenly fallen asleep while sitting up; his legs are still lowered and he's leaned sideways, draped over one of the armrests. His left arm is hanging down from it, an almost empty teacup still loosely holding on a couple of fingers, a few drops of tea splashed on the floor below.]

[The man looks almost peaceful, but it doesn't last. There's a small twitch, and his brow moves to form the usual frown, signaling he's about to wake up. An irritated twitch seems to go through him and the teacup clatters to the floor, the sound being enough to snap him completely out of the slumber. He scowls even more, looking displeased by the interrupting, and slowly, his eyes open.]

[The other man, Lavi, though, is not one to wake from just the clattering of a cup. He's practically draped over Yu's legs, and quite comfortable like that, a slight smile on his face. He didn't fall asleep that way, of course, but ending up in weird positions happens while he sleeps.]

[It takes a few moments for Kanda to gather up his surroundings. There's weight on his lap, so he looks down to find out just what it is, and finds a certain redheaded rabbit.]


[WHAT. What is the meaning of this and why is his personal space being invaded without his permission. AGAIN.]

[He twitches more, nudges at Lavi's head and tries to slide out from under him, looking offended.]

[With the nudging, Lavi does actually begin waking up. And when he feels some of the nice support suddenly disappearing, he frowns lightly and groans, raising a hand to rub his eye, and his head to blink at the surroundings a bit.


Ahem. Oops.]

Ah... G'morning?

[Sheepish grin.]

[Kanda is now sitting on the backrest of the couch, finally free, and only gives Lavi a very, very blank look for that ridiculous excuse for an apology.]

[And then, slowly and without interest but definitely with determination, kicks him off the couch.]

Lazy bastard.

((OOC: Pssst, the static image is a link, if you didn't notice. To the whole thing. (That would be why it's got purple around it. I wish I knew how to get that off.) Oh, and the static picture is there because the public dream cuts off there.

SO THIS IS RAIKOU AND GAU'S OFFICIAL DEPARTURE FROM KANNAGARA finally. So all of their CR, feel free to comment~~ And I guess they'll get responses from either Kanda or Lavi, or both, depending.))


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Oct. 30th, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC)
[Hope you didn't get too tired of him yesterday, righteous girl, because the response you get is, in fact, from this guy. He actually does look serious though, and simply leaves a message in return, cutting it off without waiting for a reply. It would seem that he is somewhat capable of feeling sympathetic, at times at least. His tone is even.]

So it seems. Left a pile of their junk, as well.

Edited at 2011-10-30 06:09 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 30th, 2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
Oh, come on, Yu, don't go on callin' that "junk". It's really symbolic! Kinda fiction-y.


Clothes, a charm, some weapons. Makes me feel kinda special, anyway.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 30th, 2011 09:05 pm (UTC)
[Right, some weapons too. He kind of forgot that. Maybe not entirely useless. Still, he's looking back at Lavi rather blankly.]

How is a fucking sweater symbolic.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 31st, 2011 10:36 am (UTC)

[Actually snorts a little, sounding almost amused. That is taking things as literally as he usually does.]

Guess that makes sense.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 31st, 2011 05:59 pm (UTC)
[Okay, he got a little caught up laughing there. The warmth of their feelings. Hah!]

Sounds good t'me.
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Nov. 1st, 2011 04:12 pm (UTC)
About what?

[There's a lot of things to have a thought about.]

Them leaving?
Nov. 1st, 2011 04:24 pm (UTC)
[Time for Kanda's smarts to actually shine once in his life. Or not.]

Tch. Quite sure she means about the junk being symbolic.
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