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[video] | Week 3; Day 4

[The light in the room isn't as bright as it should be, considering Rukia has been sleeping here for four days now. But from where the Hitomi is placed, Rukia can't been seen. But her shadow makes it into the feed. She's sitting on the floor, on her knees. Some noises are made that the device is able to pick up. There's a bit of shuffling and sounds of a scroll becoming undone and then silence.

After moments of silence, a sigh is heard. She feels...strangely calm but also worried and troubled. It's then that the memories of her time being dead (which were all fuzzy before), start to make sense and fit into a time line. Everything is so vibrantly remembered that her shadow shows that she's putting a hand to her head. And then suddenly, there's a sharp intake of air at a certain memory.

She remembers killing Iroh.

She killed a man without reason. He wasn't being taken over by a hollow, he wasn't a threat, and no, killing him wasn't a last means of resort. Just something kept telling her over and over and over again to kill. Kill him. Reap the shinigami. Kill every human possible.

She then covers her face with her hands. How did she allow herself to stoop so low? To even listen to a voice and let an unknown darkness take over...

She stands up and moves out of sight of the Hitomi. It's now shown, but now she's sitting in corner of the room, her body drawn into itself. Her body is denying her the emotion of being panicked. But she naturally wants to be. Reading though that scroll allowed her to be calm, even though it was slightly against her will. She isn't okay with killing someone.

Rukia doesn't know where she is. She just knows she's in a room somewhere. She doesn't know if she was revived here or someone brought her to this location. It didn't matter. Rukia wasn't going to move any time soon.

She didn't deserve to be alive right now, but was.]

I'm sorry.



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