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[At the same moment, every Hitomi in the world of Kannagara begins to broadcast at the same time. It's unnecessary to touch them in any way to answer the call or view the post. A woman's sharp voice is heard coming from it.]


All of you, pick up the Hitomi, now. I have something to say.

[On the video screen there is a pale woman with a round face and two dark eyes. Her hair is long and straight and bone-white, and she seems to be glowing slightly, as though she is standing in front of the sun. Her clothing is elaborate and archaic, a kimono with twelve layers in various shades of white and red. She wears this comfortably, although it appears quite unwieldy.

She looks less than amused.]

Now listen to me, all of you. I had thought this would be abundantly clear to everyone after all of this time. But I can see that some of you are still confused.

Therefore. To clarify:

Do not kill each other.

Whether or not people come back from the dead is of no concern. There will be consequences if it continues. Beyond even what you have already experienced. Do not think for a moment that anyone can take a life without having to later pay for the weight of that life. If the punishments up until this point have seemed inconsequential to you all, you should know that minor humiliations are nothing compared to the black karma which you have accrued.

We do not intend to restore any of you to your previous lives until we see improvement in this area. Therefore, it is to your advantage to get in line.

[A pause, and a long stare. The woman appears to be watching something, as though she can see the person on the other end of the Hitomi.]

That's all.

[The feed goes white, and then black.]


Aug. 15th, 2010 05:20 pm (UTC)
[video; backdated]
[Marco has not come back. In two days, Marco has not come back, and Rin has not heard of him. Two days in Kannagara are long.

Considering the circumstances under which she parted, Rin knows what this may mean.

She has not heard from Gau either.

Still, this post -- this confirmation, it comes as a shock. You are never truly prepared for losing someone, even if you know they probably come back.

Silent tears spill from her eyes, down her cheeks and she'll keep -- she'll keep them silent. Her voice, though, is thick when she speaks.]

... are you a goddess?

Who are you?


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