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[video | week 12 day 1] 狂気の瞳

[One of the nice things about Mukuro's new stolen house is that it has a very nice view - here, just outside, the camera captures a spectacular cliddside picture of Yomisato and the surrounding wastes, which are shimmering in the midday heat. Mukuro himself does not appear in the picture, nor does any member of his household. The stretch of property straight before the view, though, is full of bunnies, so numerous that they are practically (and sometimes literally) on top of each other.

They come in a variety of colors, with purple being the most common by far - and some might notice a familiar purple tuft on the heads of these rabbits. A few others are black, and there are some light brown rabbits, as well as a large group of unusually large (and rather mean-looking) red bunnies. At least one rabbit with bizarre green fur can be seen, and in the background there what could be a white spot.

All of the rabbits are on fire.

If rabbits were capable of shrieking in terror, it seems likely that they would be doing so now. But as they cannot scream, they instead have decided to hop around wildly, thrashing and flipping about as though trying to extinguish the flames. They crash into each other in blind panic, clashing in midair and flying in every direction, a mass of flames and fluffy tails and kicking feet.

A careful observer may notice that none of the rabbits appear to actually burn, and even their fur remains in tact. The rabbits themselves have not yet noticed, or else they do not care - they continue to thrash, a tumultuous sea of flaming multicolored rabbits.

Somewhere off camera, snickering can be heard. A distinct, strange sort of laughter, kufufufu. It grows louder by the minute as the rabbits roll around in apparent agony, their tiny, fluffy bodies twitching as the fire envolops them, and continues right up to the point that one of the large red rabbits seems to have an epiphany.

It ceases to jump around, only shaking slightly, and stares directly into the camera with an intelligence that no rabbit should ever possess.

Then, it attacks.

The rabbits wide eyes can be seen as it hits the Hitomi screen, and the picture lurches sickeningly, a spinning blur of flame and rainbow fur. The laughgter is cut off, replaced by a shocked cry - there is the sound of struggle, a few frustrated grunts, the picture still moving, pointed up at empty sky, then catching a glimpse of blue hair, then, after a few moments...

It stabilizes, finally, a few feet away, and as it does, we see within Mukuro's hand the formation, from thin air, of a trident, which flashes in the light. The rabbit crouches nearby, flames still rising from its back. It has Mukuro in its sights, caught in its predatory stare. Mukuro himself appears disheveled, his hair more tangled than usual, his expression one of manic excitement and anger.

The rabbit stares at Mukuro.

Mukuro stares at the rabbit.

They attack as one, the rabbit pushing all of its strength into one final, mad leap, and at the same time Mukuro draws the trident back, like a baseball bat, coils his body with it, and within the same second swings, the flat edge of the three blades catching the rabbit in the stomach and pushing it back, sending it flying, soaring in a wide arc -

- where it drops down beneath the edge of the cliff, plummeting down, down, down -

In the corner of the feed, just before it cuts out, more burning rabbits can be seen, leaping to avenge their fallen comrade.]


Sep. 24th, 2010 02:21 pm (UTC)
[She is not an innocent. At least not to the point that it's usual for her to mourn the death of an animal (or well, one she has not bonded with).

But this here? Fuck that shit. There's killing animals, and then there's... this. It's unsettling. Mostly because Rin suspects that someone who's capable of doing a thing like this to animals is also capable of doing it to humans.

It sparks enough anger in her that she loses her cool for a moment, and speaks.]

What the fuck is this supposed to be, huh?
Sep. 28th, 2010 12:42 am (UTC)
... What is what supposed to be?
Sep. 28th, 2010 09:56 am (UTC)
That. In your video.


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