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[Midnight, the very beginning of the sixth day in the thirteenth week, every Hitomi begins to broadcast. Those who are sleeping will find themselves jolted suddenly from sleep; those who are distracted will suddenly find their attention drawn to the device.

It may be that those who have been in Kannagara for a while were expecting the unearthly pale face of a very irate woman. But the face on the screen now is serene, and the picture is dark, unfocused and grainy at first, an image out of place on such a sleek device. And when the picture becomes clear after a few moments, and the face, the skin which seems to be made of shadow, the black hair, falling over her face in uneven chunks, the endless pits of her eyes, from which light does not escape - unmistakably, it is the face of a corpse.

Presently she begins to speak.]

Good morning.

[She speaks demurely, quietly. One would have to look quite closely to see the ohaguro, the black paint on her teeth.]

I'm very glad that I can speak with all of you. I've been wanting to ever since you arrived. But it was very hard to use the device. And none of you ever stay long enough to get to know us.

Sometimes I think you'll forget about us.

[A pause.]

But it's all right now. I haven't forgotten about any of you. I learned all of your names. And I have a very good memory for names.

I heard a little about some things you all did. I heard you had a party.

[And here she smiles, just a hint of black teeth, as sweet a smile as a woman might give a lover. The tone of her voice does not change from its soft lilt, steady as the movement of tides.] It sounds like it was very nice. Even if it was all the idea of the idea of that cunt, Ame-no-Uzume, I guess you all enjoyed yourselves. I guess you must have forgiven her, for snatching you away from your homes. Even though you were so angry with her. When she called. And all of your harsh words. All of your protests. The conceit of rebellion. Your free will, you forgot.

I guess the food was very delicious.

I'm thinking of throwing a party myself.

I wonder if any of you might want to help me get ready for it. If some kind soul might bring something to my shrine. It's only just outside Raisato.

And I would be so grateful.


Oct. 29th, 2010 07:32 pm (UTC)
[voice; backdated]
[The message wakes Rin up, because she goes to sleep at proper hours in order to not sleep in too much in the mornings. She likes to be up early, even though she does not always manage it. She watches it, slumped over her knees sitting up on the futon, comforter still warm and rumpled around her.

Well, that is strange. Rin tries to recall the last time a deity spoke to the public, and winces, because that was not a nice time. She remembers what had happened then, but she's not sure she remembers the exact words. It was Ame-no-uzume, the same deity who spoke to her at her own shrine recently.

An enlightening talk. So it's interesting that this lady here speaks so insultingly of her. Rin herself isn't sure she likes Ame-no-uzume, but her feelings have little to do with feuds betwen gods.

She speaks tentatively, mind still working furiously.]

We haven't forgotten you. I haven't, at least. And I don't forget what you've taken from me, either.

[Deep breath; control. She's gotta keep in control.]

Who might you be, that we should honor you?


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