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[It looks like the dream's going to be peaceful. You're with Valeria, and she's laughing, and you're laughing back, and for the first time since you admitted you love her, she looks happy, but when her eyes open, you can tell there's insincerity in her eyes, and that smile suddenly looks so forced, and for a moment you feel your stomach plunge, but, suddenly, a terrible anger rises within you.]

You're not HER!

[She's not Mother. She's not the one he truly cared about-- funny how he came upon this epiphany in a dream. You grab for your sword, and for some reason, it's not there, and you slash at her anyway, and her face becomes cold, distant. You yell out in anger, and when you look at her again, it's not her-- it's the Joker.

And he laughs and laughs and dear fucking
god that laughter is so annoying, so much like him, and you're in the wilderness of Kannagara (though everything seems to have been desaturated) and though Valeria nor Joker are there, you can hear that god-awful laughter slowly transitioning into something so much more sinister. Into the cackling of a crazed scientist who created Sephiroth and simutaneously ruined his life.

And suddenly everything seems so much
bigger, and you realize you're a kitten, and the anger within you mounts and mounts- but that's not the only feeling that's present. There's a lingering fear inside, that, with each event, is also mounting. You run on the grayed fields of grass, and you realize someone's running behind you and you run faster and you've never been so terribly vulnerable and lonely in your whole life and suddenly the ground opens up and these awful vines come up and trap you in place, and those steps are getting closer and sound as loud as great thunderclaps and--]

[--and it's over. Kadaj rises from sleep and stares at the ground. It's still dark out, so he can't see well, but the mako-enhanced vision kicks in soon enough, and the area around him slowly becomes apparent. Without a word, Kadaj leaves, the feed cutting short just before it rematerializes onto him.]


Feb. 21st, 2010 06:04 pm (UTC)
[Rin happens upon the dream unprepared. Or maybe the dream happens upon her. Either way, it is jumbled to her, and she can't really make out what's happening and which of those actually might conceivably have happened -- but who is she to know, really? She only recognizes the name, Valeria, still strange and new to her but somehow she manages to grasp it out of the mess.

And then the fear, and the helplessness, that bloodcurdling feeling when everything overwhelms you. She knows that all too well. It makes her gasp a little.

She watches Kadaj -- the kitten, he was the kitten, and she knows his name, isn't that unfair? He certainly has no incentive to actually tell her any of these things, but now she knows anyway. But now she watches him get swallowed up by the ground; or almost, she can't tell.

When it's over, there is but silence. She figures she might say something. The Thing is probably recording her, anyway.]

... good morning.


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