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[Filtered to anyone responding to Lelouch's post publicly with offer of help, and anyone with vaguely close/positive CR with Allen. NOT Lelouch himself, though.]

[ How many faces of Allen Walker have you seen?

Though it isn't an exactly odd one tonight. When he actually addresses the network it is generally this one: serious, clipped in speech, sober. Not the chattiest, sharing of information sorts, but he'll still smile for this.

He's a man of many faces, but this is a clearer one than most. ]


I've filtered this to everyone that responded to Lelouch's message and others I know. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. If not...

[ Set of face; yes, if you've just seen him smiling and lighthearted or trolling you back... this isn't the Allen you're used to. ] If you haven't, one of us has been taken for execution for offering haven to one of the people native here.

[ A pause, and... he does smile; a little struggle for one. ] I'm sorry it's come to this.

This isn't what all of the Celestials believe and we need to remember this. But Lelouch is in danger, and....

[ And so are we all. ]

We have to take action.

[ Quiet, sober, firm: ] I'm returning to Raisato tonight. Lelouch is being held there. Us Exorcists have safe refuge there. Anyone who's with me on breaking him free---let's meet there. It's not going to be easy if the the guards are able to nullify our powers, but I'm sure there are enough of us able to do it.

[ A pause, quiet, but still with conviction. ] Just... please remember these people aren't our enemies, either.

We can't blame them for being scared, even if it's wrong.

[ Voice rising- ] And I don't know where this is all going or what we'll have to do, but let's make sure we all stay safe first. Then we can figure out where to go from there. To everyone else, even if you're not helping with Lelouch's rescue, we should try to stay together as much as we can until this blows past or we find alternatives. It's not safe, especially if we're being turned on by those that can nullify our powers.

I can't offer the compound in Raisato, but I would hope we might have some room for those who might be otherwise vulnerable. [ You'll hate him for this, he's sure, but...

Isn't this what they're supposed to do? ]

I can send coordinates. [ Sorry, everyone. His face is still set: quiet, calm because he has to be.

Perhaps this is why he was punted at that giant compound in the first place after all.

He steadies his shoulders before continuing.]

My name is Allen Walker. I'm an Exorcist of the Black Order, and I'm sorry it's had to come to anything to like this. I don't care about whatever wars or strife there is going on here, but I won't stand for innocent people being executed for trying to help others. If you're with me on this and want to help---thank you. If you aren't... I won't blame you, but don't get in our way, either.

Please contact me on this channel if you have anything further to say or any other information.

[ But then--then he does look perhaps a bit more like Allen, smiling apologetically. Sincerely. ]

Thank you.

We'll get through this.

[ A flick of a white-gloved thumb: transmission end. ]

[ Private audio to Road (SOB marriage with them still going on, SOB awkward) ]

I'm sorry,  I won't be home tonight. [ Abrupt, blunt, though not unkind. A little apologetic, but he's focused and that's what his tone is. ]

Please stay safe, we'll take care of this.

[ After all, he won't ask you to understand why he does what he does or even approve of it. Just let him still do it. ]

[ ooc: the log for arriving and plotting is here and I'll tag Allen shortly, after most people have arrived. ]


Feb. 28th, 2011 07:40 pm (UTC)
[video || same filter]
[Rin's message is short and to the point, with seriousness and a certain hardness to her face and voice.]

I'll be there. You can count on it.

[But then she thinks of it again, decides to give a few more pointers to everyone.]

To everyone else, I'm Asano Rin. I have no supernatural powers to speak of, so the power suppressors can't affect me. And I... I look a lot like the people in this world, so I could do undercover work, if needed.


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