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[Week 2, Day 6] [Video, Accident]

[The Hitomi clicks on. There it shows, in a rather blurry and out-of-focus way, a wall of stone and clay - a room that clearly indicates the resident living in Kazesato. The video focused in right up and there's Marco, still wearing his morphing outfit, sitting on his bed. His back is  half-way towards the Hitomi - he seems to be staring at the wall. He sighs and rakes his tangled, wild hair and gives out a somewhat frustrated and exhausted sigh.]

Really, Elfangor? You decide to be a ghost now out of all times? Just  after you shove five kids the responsibility to save the freaking planet from your war and die while doing so, you also decide to haunt me in this freakshow place? Why couldn't you done that at Earth, man? It makes hell a lot more sense than here . . . whatever 'here' is, anyway.

[He sighs again.]

I bet you had one sick sense of humor when you were alive. Probably pulled some fast ones on your little brother too.

[Marco's bare shoulders suddenly tense. He suddenly picks up a ceramic on the floor, a sculpture of some sort .]

But still you weren't  fast enough!

[He throws it. It shatters against the wall.]

You could have easily escaped!

[He picks up another ceramic, a pot this time.]

But no, you just lay there and let that bastard eat you alive!  You could have morph into something and run!

[It breaks into a million pieces.]

Because that's all we ever been doing!

[He picks up another pot.]

We're just kids man! Six, against an empire!

[The echoes is incredible - the sounds of shards breaking and his broken voice becomes into one harmony.]

Just how naive are you?! What were you thinking?

[Instead of pottery, he grabs a chair and throws it instead. It bangs against the wall, but does not break.]

You probably weren't thinking at all!

[Marco, feeling suddenly drained, tries to lay down on the bed. He covers face with his hands tightly and slowly rocks himself, muttering little things that are not distinguishable over the Hitomi.

And then it happens. Marco's hands are growing larger, his short finger nails becoming curved nails. His skin starts to turn dark. Marco looks up, startled.]


[And Marco starts to grow larger, his teeth becoming sharper and his eyes becoming yellow. Sounds of the morphing is barely audible over the Hitomi, but if one can hear the bones shifting and the skin shifting around in a shaken matter. Marco lets out a horrified gasp, his voice changing from his normal human voice to the gravelly tone of a yoma's.]

Oh god, no, no, no, not this, please god, not this, not now . . .
[And instead of Marco sitting on his bed, a yoma stands in his place. Marco-as-a-yoma looks as his hands, a horrified look that makes the yoma face appear almost human. He doesn't say anything. Nothing can be said. He changes again - but not to human. No, black fur starts to grow rapidly, like darkened weeds, all over his body. His arms and legs shrink, his hands and feet becoming paws. A round muzzle starts to grow out of the yoma's fearsome visage. A tail grows, long and slightly curved. Marco shrinks and more fur grows, this time white. 

And soon enough, instead of a yoma on Marco's bed, there's a skunk.

For a while, the skunk just stands there, shivering. Then, it changes. It grows larger. And larger.

The fur shrinks back. The mouth grows out, with sharp teeth the size of a human finger and growing still. The backbone is extended, and for the briefest of moments, bare bone is exposed as new muscles and new skin and nerves are created. Scaley, reptilian skin starts to spread all over the naked skunks body, like a rash. The skunk-monster is more than the size of an average human and still growing. Growing powerful legs, with three claws shifts outward of the skunk's hind paws. Bones becomes dense, and new muscles start piling upon each other.

And Marco keeps on growing. Soon, he'll be too big for this room.

A still growing tail snaps and hit the Hitomi.

The feed cuts off.]


Mar. 17th, 2010 04:25 pm (UTC)
[The week hasn't been kind to Rin. It hasn't been kind to anyone, including her. She's been holed up in Tsuchisato, waiting, waiting, waiting until things would maybe end. If they indeed would. But if there's one thing in life you can count on, it's that everything has an end. Could be that her life would end before anything else, and that would be that. There are moments when she doesn't know which she prefers, though she knows she'd rather stay alive. Has to. She still has things to hold on for.

So she's spending her time, which is oddly ample after she was evacuated (you'd think that when the world's being torn apart by the dregs of the underworld, it would keep you pretty preoccupied), with different things. Sometimes she goes on a trip through Tsuchisato, carefully, and contemplates the merits of staying there -- on sometimes, like now, she looks at the network.

And that's how she stumbles upon this video. Clickity click, her fingers careless, because right now she really honestly doesn't care, doesn't have that much energy for caring, and it plays before her. Grabs her attention, too, that's for certain. Her eyes widen as she watches the boy on the screen turn into various animals that may exist or not, and she breathes in sharply. This is what this place does, too? Will everyone just turn into monsters at every given moment? She can't really tell if these are crazy thoughts. At this moment and this place, it could, for all she knows, be a perfectly sensible assumption. Looks like it, at any rate.

She should probably say something. That was a boy just a moment ago, and a very distraught boy. Yes, she should swallow the lump in her throat and speak.]

Ah... hello?

Mar. 19th, 2010 03:48 pm (UTC)
[Well, after that morphing fiasco, Marco manages to calm down enough to respond. Of course, he's far from happy. This is the second time he snapped and have it broadcast to everyone, this time including out of control morphing. He really needs to figure out the kinks of this device. But still, look! A new face! She looks surprised and confused and worried at the morphing, which everyone should Marco suppose. Is she from a different reality as well? So he could only say one thing:]

Mar. 20th, 2010 10:12 am (UTC)
[Rin is a little surprised that the animal is speaking, though she know it's not -- well, it's not totally out of the question. She musters a smile, but it falters soon.]

Are... are you all right there?
Mar. 20th, 2010 12:37 pm (UTC)
[Might as well get out on the left field, Marco suppose. If his morphing is seen public then there's nothing more Marco can do about, as that damn entry simply can't be deleted. He can only hope that if there any Controllers, there's only one and on the final stages of Kandrona starvation.]

Yeah, I'm cool. My morphing powers went out of control but I got it handled. Don't worry about it.

[Except, he doesn't. He won't be able to reject the allergic DNA for a while - Ax did say it varies between two days to two weeks. Until then, Marco has to keep calm and keep the morphing to the minimum, if not all at all.

Marco can only shrug.]

What's your name?
Mar. 20th, 2010 12:55 pm (UTC)
Ah... so those were your own powers?

[Rin looks at the screen in surprise; she didn't even consider that. She just assumed it might be Kannagara's doing. Or that of the gods here. Whichever. Hah. That, after all that happened and is still happening here, the "gods" are still such a distant and foggy presence in her mind... well, she is used to dealing with imminent realities.]

And there I thought it was this place being crazy! I'm, ah, glad that isn't the case.

[She laughs awkwardly. His powers went out of control, he said? Maybe that is something to worry about. But it's not really her place to, is it?]

My name's Rin. What's yours?
Mar. 21st, 2010 07:37 am (UTC)
This place is a nuthouse. But I've seen worse. And the name's Marco.

Are you from another reality?
Mar. 21st, 2010 03:59 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I can agree of that... except the "seen worse" bit. Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Well, I'm not from here, if that's what you mean.
Mar. 21st, 2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
So there's no natives here? Just other people from other worlds?


I was kinda hoping somebody from where I live was here as well, but if they were they're being quiet about on the network.
Mar. 21st, 2010 06:05 pm (UTC)
If there are, I haven't met any so far. It seems to be pretty deserted in general.

[People from home, he says. She wondered -- could it be that people from her home were here, and had only not bothered with the Hitomi so far? Rin wasn't sure if she wanted that. Hoped it or feared it.]

Mh... I know what you mean.
Mar. 21st, 2010 06:24 pm (UTC)
Deserted with the occasional zombie dogs and monsters, sure.

[He pauses, considers.]

I can't imagine any of my friends or family would have keep this quiet for long. It's either they had arrive here and got killed by the incursion without having a chance to work on the Hitomi, or they never arrived here at all. For my sanity's sake, I'll go for option 2.

[He says this simply, as though the possibility that they are dead wouldn't rattle him. It doesn't, really - death is always at the door where he's from. Of course, not being surprised at the possibility doesn't mean that he won't be shaken by it. Nor does it dampens his desire to survive at any costs.]


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