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Week 28, Day 5 - Musician's Dream

The first thing that happens is the music starts. It sounds like a piano, but not quite. There's something off about the notes. They're pretty, but sad, and distant. The music isn't coming from anywhere discernible. Or maybe it's coming from everywhere at once. It grows to an insane crescendo before fading off, leaving silence in its wake.

But then, the city is always quiet at night. It must be night, since the moon is out. There are no stars visible from here, but the man walking along the street isn't paying much attention for that.

He's looking for something, or someone, and he walks with a purpose. Door after door opens before him, and he can't find what he's looking for. Annoyance shows on his face, and he stops and looks up at the sky, finally.

"I'm going to find you, brother. All these years, you think you can really hide from me?"

He starts to reach into his pocket, as if he expects to find something there, but he stops, and starts moving again. The music picks up in the distance, and that might be where he's going.

Seamlessly, the scene changes around him. The walls here are white, and a piano sits in the middle of the room. Besides the man in the long coat, the only other color comes from a gold colored golem, floating above the piano. The man in the coat - the same one who was walking through the city - is the source of the music, here. His hands move across the keys as if the instrument is second nature to him. Maybe it is.

The golem drops onto the piano, distracting the musician. He stops playing and stands, turning to see what caused Timcanpy to move like that.

A smile that doesn't quite qualify as nice spreads across his face. "Oh? You shouldn't be here, should you? I thought I locked the door."

He takes a step forward, still smiling.


[ Allen shakes himself awake. He'd tried not fall asleep, because he feels like he doesn't have control when he does that, but it was no use. He sits up abruptly, and realizes he's still sitting at the table he was eating lunch at. What the hell?

So he'd been dreaming.

He looks down at the Hitomi, sitting on the table next to Timcanpy. Tim looks concerned - well, as much as a golem can look concerned - and pushes the Hitomi towards Allen.

Allen stares down at it, and it replays the dream for him.

Neah. Was that Neah's dream?

[ Shaken, he stands up and puts the Hitomi back in his pocket. He's dreamed about Neah before, although he didn't realize what was going on. But having Neah's dreams? What does that mean? He doesn't like it, and he vows he's not going to go back to sleep anytime soon. What if he's not the one who wakes up from the dream? He definitely can't let that happen. ]


Sep. 6th, 2011 10:20 pm (UTC)
[This dreamer, here, follows the man. Curious and, because it's a dream, without any concrete sense of fear or any such thing. Or of anything being out of place when the scenery shifts.

Listens to the music in solemn contemplation, wondering what it is.]
Sep. 7th, 2011 03:02 am (UTC)
If this is okay/you wanted something different, let me know!
[ He notices someone following him, but he doesn't turn, doesn't acknowledge them. He's not looking for them. He's looking for someone else.

When the scene changes, if he notices that something is different, it never shows on his face.

"Oh? You shouldn't be here, should you? I thought I locked the door."

[ He doesn't look bothered by it, though. And why should he? He knows that the boy watches him. Their memories are the same, or at least, they're now connected.

Timcanpy acknowledges Rin's presence as familiar, though here, he and Neah both perceive her as Allen Walker.

"It took you a long time to find this room, didn't it?"

Neah's words are mocking. In the echo of the room, they sound almost like the music he was just playing, only in a voice instead of on an instrument.
Sep. 7th, 2011 12:56 pm (UTC)
'S okay, I left it vague on purpose~
[And Rin, being immersed in the dream, takes on the role assigned to her. Whether she knows she is being seen -- and turned into -- Allen Walker? Hard to say. It's all very fuzzy. But she's not lucid enough to question it.]

You can't lock me out.
Sep. 8th, 2011 05:46 am (UTC)
[ Neah's smile doesn't falter. ]

Apparently not. I didn't think I'd need to. But you have gotten nosy lately, haven't you? It's going to get you into trouble someday.


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