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~~~ヾ(のワの) Good afternoon, everyone! ー♪♪♪

SO - I woke up after my morning nap and I was starving, of course. So I decided I would summon myself some katsudon. In case you are unaware of how this whole summoning thing works (which you are), I will now tell you:

Step 1 - Open up gap in space-time, leading to an alternate dimension which you might call an "idea storage" - that is, it basically is a ginormous interdimensional warehouse for everything in every universe which has ever been conceived. O(≧∇≦)O

Step 2 - Go to the location within this warehouse of the thing that I am looking for. This is hard if you don't know exactly where the thing is! But otherwise easy enough. Like with katsudon.

Step 3 - Grab it, take it, and ~~~~~~ you're doneー! ( ^ _ ^)∠☆CONGRATS!

So, since I was hungry, I opened a gap, reached in where I knew katsudon should be - BUT IT WAS GONE. Terrible. Anyway, I've been exploring the inside for a little while now and I have come to the conclusion that everything is gone. ( ̄へ ̄)

Since I don't remember doing anything terrible to anyone recently, I can only assume that this is not some personal punishment but in fact the prelude to some new incident of nonsense. I can definitely feel something brewing. Very annoying. Fortunately, I can still manipulate borders, which means whatever nonsense is a-coming, I should be just fine.

How is everyone else doing today~?


Apr. 3rd, 2010 06:21 pm (UTC)
[Well, that is interesting. Rin is always one for an educational experience. This here sounds a lot less weird after having been to Kannagara for three weeks than it might have without such a very helpful circumstance. She doesn't know how any of this is relevant to her interests yet, but she knows it might turn out to be.]

Thanks for the explanation. I really was unaware.

So... you think this is a foreboding?


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