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[ Dream 02 | Week 3, Day 7 ]

Rukongai was hardly a place for children.

Particularly when you got into the higher numbered districts like the mid-seventies, like Inuzuri.

The farther out you got into Rukongai, the worse the living conditions got, because shinigami rarely bothered to go out into the squalid districts that far out in the slums of Soul Society, except when hollows appeared there.

To survive in those districts, you had to develop a callous selfishness rather quickly--look out for your own interests, and no one else's.

No, it was not a place for children at all, particularly orphans.

Yet, they remained, even flourished against the odds of a place that had no need for them. They grouped up into "families" of their own, helped each other survive using the opposite technique that helped adults make their own in the higher districts.


You are running, the first time you see her.

--Well no, you have just stopped running.

A bag-full of today's loot is in your arms (because when you are a child in Rukongai, stealing is the only way), and in your path of escape happens to be a wall.

You and your friends are cornered and the vendor looks angry (they always look angry, especially when they're drunk, but they're easier to get away from then too), and you'll all probably be beaten for this.

(Because it's not like anyone cares, it's not like anyone's going to stop him out here in District 75)


Maybe not.

Because the next thing you see is the blur of a tiny female body, dropkicking him and then proceeding to stamp on his head for several moments before calling to you and your friends to get moving.

You can't help it--you stare at her for a moment before you grin and start running again.

Because that's very possibly one of the coolest things that's happened to you in your short (after?)life.

[Renji wakes up from the dream slowly, and when he does, a smile tinges his lips at the memory.

He chooses not to get up right away, or bother to turn off the Hitomi, instead lying there and watching the ceiling for a bit before he'd have to remind himself where he was and get ready for the day.]


Apr. 3rd, 2010 09:21 pm (UTC)
[Rin watches, she watches it all through, can't help once she starts. That does seem to happen an awful lot -- like something's compelling her to. Maybe it's the workings of this place, or maybe it's just her deep, dark, voyeuristic kind of curiosity getting the better of her. Mental note, she should stop that.

She thinks she recognizes these children. Rukia, for sure, and the other, the protagonist, he seems to be her friend. Abarai Renji-san. The dream tells her, too, that it was their first meeting at all. Rin doesn't know what to think of it; their situation seemed more than dreary, but this event, this one shines bright among the obvious poverty.

A small smile appears on her face.]


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