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[Video] Week Three; Day 7

[ The video feed starts with a perfect image of Balthier, lit from two sources--the orange lights from the control panel and faint red light coming from the room behind him. It's too dark to be lit by natural lighting. (Such a pity. But Balthier looks good in any type of lighting. He's convinced himself too heavily of this.)

Tight-shot. Negative one-inch headroom. (Balthier the Perfectionist, more than Balthier the Pirate. It shows.) He doesn't clear his throat before he begins a winged-speech. ]

To those who may be concerned. [ Yukari, Lelouch. Possibly Katsuya and Rin, but those people are Valeria's allies--not his own. ] Valeria and I have made a successful landing in Kusasato. However, there appears to be a storm brewing nearby. As thus, I've decided to cancel our soon-to-be departure for the next shrine. Because of the apparent lack of a decent forecasting system, there is a need for information about this overwrought air in the distant countries. Surely, it is not only myself who feels this.

I've heard through the grapevine of others interested in the quest for these so-called 'gods'. Just a fair warning to those participating in the contest: [ His lips tighten in a set line across his face and green eyes hint a spark of serious competition. ] You will not be uninterrupted.

[ And scene; Balthier replaces his face with a more casual, relaxed smile, harboring no expectations of any replies whatsoever. (The problem with Balthier is that he trusts hardly anyone with anything.) ]

Until next time~

[ The video feed cuts off. ]

(OOC: This takes place after this and after a certain log that hasn't been logged yet. >>;; But you will all soon know about it.)


Apr. 4th, 2010 08:01 pm (UTC)

[Rin does not understand this. She sees his surroundings, which are alien to her, but she cannot infer from it where he is. To her, it's just a strange-looking house. Wouldn't be the first strange thing around here.

His other words, they catch her attention. "Contest", he says. And then, he issues a warning. This must not go unquestioned.]

Why the warning?

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