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[dream] Week 4, Day 2

She has a pinwheel. Grandpa gave her a pinwheel. He's not here now, and neither are her parents. She's not worried, for she left mom behind to explore. The festival's still going, and bad things don't happen in the dark when there's lights on and people being happy. There are distant lights and laughter, but the street around her is deserted. She doesn't really understand why, but still the lull of security has cradled her firmly. The pinwheel is spinning, it's changing colors. Many different rainbow colors, now stripes, then dots. It makes her giggle.

On she goes down the road, where the lights get dimmer. Mommy will maybe scold her when she finds her, but that's okay. She never scolds so bad that Rin couldn't take it, or that's what she thinks now. A strong blow of wind catches her suddenly; it's cold. A black cloud is passing the moon, grazing it lazily.

What Rin hears next is not laughter. It's a wild dog's howl. They like the full moon, daddy told her. It scares Rin a little bit, and she draws her one free hand around herself. Still wanting to see the pinwheel spin. As if it would protect her. As if, just by virtue of having something of grandpa's with her, he and mommy and daddy would protect her, too. It's a lucky charm. If the gods are friendly, they work. Rin is confident they will; the gods have never been mean to her, despite what some grannies will say. It's just a scare trick. Rin's smarter than to let them taunt her. Just as smart as all the grownups.

It's really cold now; makes her shiver. Another gust of wind takes hold of her, makes her pinwheel spin wildly.

And then it breaks. The paper tears away from the stick, bursts into a thousand colorful strips. Behind her and in front of her and to the sides of her, there's a sound. Low, vibrating through her and the ground she stands on. A growl. A howl. A black cloud on the moon, and then everything's just different shades of black. Her trembling hand clings to the stick as black on black forms a shape --

-- wings. Dark wings, and around them is just enough glow that she can make out their shape. They're deeply solid, yet they flicker like a reflection on a lake where someone's thrown a stone in, like a moth in a lamp's glow.

Rin looks into that darkness, transfixed, and it's like it's staring back, right into her soul. Letting a feeling seep in, a coldness unlike any she's known before, unlike winter and snow and anything that you could ever touch, but very much like what she felt when fighting with other kids, when left alone on the street by a laughing line of vaguely Rin-sized bodies that get darker until they're just frames in the evening sun.

The wings pull back, and then they flap once. It's enough to cause a tempest, and Rin can let herself fall forward and still stand; she holds her pinwheel-stick out like a magic wand to ward off the evils, but then it grabs her and blows her away, scream swallowed by the silence.

[When she awakens, there's a dim light coming inside from the window. It's just the edge of daybreak, but the window is foreign; it's a stone frame, and she's lying on something hard that's not the floor. The video feed records her from a weird angle; the Hitomi lies on the nightstand. A few sobs can be heard, and then a girl sits up, about six years old, and maybe familiar, maybe not. When she speaks, her voice is small.]

Mom? Dad?


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Apr. 8th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
[ video ]
[He'd stopped poking it for a bit, and then suddenly the screen changes from his reflection to a girl with a pinwheel.

--And hey, how did wind get in here? Wind sometimes got into the shelters he stayed in with Rukia and the group but this was a house and houses weren't abandoned and broken down so it shouldn't be windy.

And where did the pictures come from?]

Hey, how'dju do that?

[A little pause, and then] Did ya have your mom and dad with ya when y'got here?

Cause if you didn't, then they probably ain't here. [Then, sort of mumbly, as if to himself] Shinigami musta just sent 'er to Rukongai...

Hey, you can stick with us if you wanna--I just hafta find Rukia'n the guys.
Apr. 8th, 2010 09:03 am (UTC)
[ video ] 1/2
[There's a voice. A voice that has no body.

Rin screams.

Did the bad ghosts finally come to haunt her? Is there a monster in this foreign room -- under the bed, inside the closet? Rin slaps her hands over her face, not daring to look anywhere for fear of challenging the monster. For a moment, she hyperventilates, but then forces herself to calm down in an effort to be as quiet as possible. So it won't hear her. In the short while between the time she woke up and the bodiless voice speaking, Rin has come to the conclusion that she's had a nightmare, and it was scary, but she didn't expect a monster. Now she wonders if it was a sign. Probably.

When the voice has stopped speaking, she waits a little while, but then she gets impatient. Carefully, she opens her fingers to look through them. To suspiciously inspect the room, like a real kunoichi. Do your ninja work well, Kunoichi Code-Name Sakura!

The room's quiet now. Deadly quiet. And still so foreign. Walls made all of stone, and the floor, too. One small rug occupies it, otherwise it is bare. There's little decoration overall, but there are wooden posts and girders that are very nicely carved. In a style that's not familiar to her, either.

No movement in the little room, and no sound except for Rin's own breathing. She tries to hold her breath so it might be entirely quiet.]
Apr. 8th, 2010 09:24 am (UTC)
[ video ]
[But wait! The voice actually sounded fairly nice. It also sounded young, like a child's. Rin calls the words back to mind.

They come back jumbled and not making a whole lot of sense. Is this a ghost trying to lure her in? Well, Rin has little choice but to brave it. She doesn't want to sit still any longer.

She still keeps her hands on her face, for good measure. Meanwhile, the Hitomi records an odd, slanted picture of her from its position on the nightstand. She's not looking at it at all; rather, she's facing to the front, from her point of view.]

Ghost! If you kidnapped me, speak up!
Apr. 9th, 2010 07:55 pm (UTC)
[ video ]
Oi, oi!

[He waves his arms wildly, even though her eyes are covered.]

Calm down! I ain't gonna hurt ya!

[Kidnapping--veedeeoh fone kid had mentioned kidnapping. He still doubted it, though.]

No, I'mma kid! Like you! There're a buncha kids here. M'name's Renji, what's yours?
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Apr. 8th, 2010 08:31 am (UTC)
[ video ]
[Ah, another night, another dream--it's something he's grown used to in this place, but...what he does not expect is for Rin to awaken from the dream the same age as she was in the dream itself.

He's a bit taken aback, but it isn't the first time the gods have messed with them. And in this particular case, it is far more pleasant than the last time.]

Rin-san? [He asks, just to be sure]

Please do not cry. It will be all right.

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Apr. 8th, 2010 09:27 am (UTC)
[ video ]
[There's another voice speaking to her! There are two monsters? Maybe they aren't monsters. This one sounded pretty nice, too. Maybe they're nice spirits.

It called her "Rin-san", too. Rin can't help but preen a little at that, even if it's weird. Though that it implies she is crying, when she really, really isn't crying anymore, that she can't leave at that.]

'm not crying! I mean, I was crying a little, but now I'm not.
Apr. 8th, 2010 08:32 am (UTC)
[ This is not good. Nightmares are never good (and are but one of the many reasons she tries to avoid dreams broadcast upon the Hitomi in the first place), but it's far worse when the dreamer was originally a teenager and now appears to be a six-year old girl. It's worse still that the initial responder to the broadcast is a face she doesn't know that, like Rin and Lelouch, may very well have been subjected to whatever new game the gods are playing. (That she knows Ukitake hasn't gotten any older is, at the very least, a relief.) ]

Oi, Rin!

[ She pauses, softens. Lightens in contrast. After a dream like that, the last thing Rin needs is someone raising their voice harshly to her. ('Mom? Dad?' She remembers that, remembers how and what it was to awaken from one nightmare to another at that age...) ]

Rin, hey. Look over here. Please? It's okay. You're safe now. It was just a bad dream. [ And it doesn't sit well with her, that she should be made to say these things, but her tone is no less calming, soothing, or reassuring as it is promoted by a truly sincere feeling beneath her discomfort. (Orphans Rin's apparent age had proven too young to take the harsh tones she had dished out to the older ones upon hardening. She hasn't forgotten that, but now is not then and Rin is no war orphan of Corel.) ] You're safe, so please respond, okay?
Apr. 8th, 2010 09:34 am (UTC)
[And another voice. This time, it's a woman. The initial call, slightly rough, makes Rin jump a bit. It sounds a lot like Mom scolding her. Well, at least she's pretty sure spirits don't scold. Rin doesn't really like being scolded, but right now, it's the most familiar and normal thing around here. So she's willing to listen when the voice tells her to "look over here". But where?

Finally, Rin takes her hands off her face (slowly, so slowly) and starts turning her head around. The room is empty, real empty --

-- but what is that? On the nightstand, there's a thing. It looks really weird, all small and shiny, like a fine lacquer box, but it's too flat to really hold anything. On top of the box, there is a picture. It shows a person who is clearly a woman, though she has short hair.

The picture is moving. Maybe that's where she's supposed to look?]

Uh... hi?
Apr. 10th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
[ Visibly relieved upon seeing the young brunette on her screen and seemingly uninjured, Valeria brightens just a little bit and waves at her through the Hitomi. ]

Hello, Rin. I -- well, you probably don't remember me, so I'll introduce myself again. My name is Valeria. [ A brief pause. ] More importantly, though, are you okay? You're not hurt or anything, are you?
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Apr. 9th, 2010 05:42 am (UTC)
[Here she was. His favorite. The time.

He smiled, and thought good and long about what he might say to this one.

{a child. so easy!}]

Your mom and dad missing, then?

[A coddling, cooing Joker. He is rubbing his hands, you just can't see it.]
Apr. 9th, 2010 09:34 am (UTC)
[Oh, and yet another voice! There are sure a lot of bodiless voices around here. It really puzzles Rin, and she's still a little scared, but she's mostly decided to be brave now. She's a big girl after all.

This voice, it sounds nice, even if there's a strange quality to it Rin can't quite put a name on. Well, so what? Sounds like a friendly man.]

Mhmm! I'm all alone.

[That's right, there's no one with her, and she's not even somewhere she knows. Again, she ponders if she should be scared. What if she's been kidnapped? Snatched away by a bunch of evil robbers? Or, well, by ghosts? What if she died?

Right now, that seems way more plausible to Rin's very creative six-year-old mind than she's comfortable with. She can't help a sob escaping her. Even if she wanted to be brave -- but this is just too depressing!]
Apr. 10th, 2010 02:08 am (UTC)
[Audio | Private]

Ooooooohhhhhhh, how saaaaad, you must be just miserable, little one, all out there on your lonesome!
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Apr. 10th, 2010 06:25 am (UTC)
[ Madara drops the talking-box onto his lap. His eyes are wide, spinning red and black because the feeling of those horrible wings are still flapping all about him, that horrible evil, that sense of malice. It is like war, almost, but different. He feels very terrible. Like has just uncovered a secret, or seen something he should not have seen, like the time he was sitting behind the tree and heard two men arguing. When he looked from behind the tree he saw one man cut the other one's neck open. His throat was a bloody gash and spraying blood everywhere and it was all red and the feeling was something horrible like this.

He shakes a little, then realizes that the talking-box is crying, and frowns as he looks down and sees a girl there. She is very pretty, and she is crying and she looks very scared. Madara feels badly for her then, because this pretty little girl looks all alone, and picks up his talking-box to talk to her. ]

Are you okay, miss?

[ His voice is wavering, and he tries to make it sound strong. ]
Apr. 10th, 2010 07:06 am (UTC)
[By now, Rin has stopped crying (largely) and noticed the box. Which is where the voices come from -- she can hear it clearly if she listens really well, or when she puts it close to her ear. It also has pictures. Right now, there's a picture of a little boy on it. Rin wonders how he got there. He's tiny, too. How funny! Rin giggles a little, but then he asks if she's okay, and well, right now she doesn't really know if she is. The thought puts a bit of a damper on her mirth.]

I -- I dunno. I'm not at home, and Mom an' Dad aren't here, and this house's really weird... I dunno.

[She shrugs with an air of helplessness.]
Apr. 10th, 2010 07:15 am (UTC)
Were you captured by the Senju, too?

[ Madara's expression is very serious as he regards the girl. She seems to have stopped crying, which is good, because Madara hates it when girls cry. Their faces get all blotchy and then their noses run and Madara never knows what to do with a crying girl. But this girl is very pretty. She looks about his age, too. ]
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