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[004 | Video | Public | Week 8, Day 2]

[A thoughtful Sasori appears on screen. Behind him is a scene far calmer than the one that had served as backdrop in his previous message. It appears to be the ruins of an old shrine carved into the rockface of a cliff. A statue of an ancient, fallen god peers over his shoulder, half of its face crumbled and worn away to time. Gnarled tree roots have overrun much of the walls, and birdsong can be heard faintly in the background.]

Several among you expressed interest in finding a place that could be a suitable home for those of us who refuse to pay tribute. Deidara and I have investigated the place the nomads told us of, Yomisato. We're here at the outskirts now.

It's not simply a town, but a full-fledged city. From speaking to the locals it seems as though the gods that control the rest of the world have little reach here, as we were told, although some choose to worship old and fallen gods in this place. The denizens also seemed to pay little heed to the lack of markings on our foreheads, unlike the nomads. Most of the individuals living here have black markings.

[A pause, as he determines how to word his next statements.]

It's a less...idyllic place than the other villages, to be sure. The criminal element seems to hold more of a sway here. However, I personally see little difference from the cities I'm accustomed to in this regard, so I doubt it will be an issue.

[He gestures behind him, and the shift of his body allows the entrance to the inner part of the shrine proper to be seen, a crumbling but still magnificently carved doorway.]

We've staked claim on this abandoned shrine behind me. A bit primitive, but more than large enough to house a good number of us, at least temporarily. I'm told monsters roam some parts of the ruins here, but this particular location seems easily secured.

Those of you who refuse to bow your heads to our divine oppressors are welcome to join us here until we're able to obtain more permanent accommodations for ourselves.

These are the shrine's coordinates.

[He broadcasts his current location.]

((OOC: Pushed up to the current date to accommodate the newer arrivals.))


Jul. 1st, 2010 10:21 am (UTC)

This is just the kind of information Rin needs, so she's listening and taking notes. So Yomisato is a place outside of the reach of divine control. Or maybe the gods just leave that spot of their realm to its own devices. Or there are different gods reigning over it.

Now, Rin also takes note of the name this man mentions. Deidara. Rin remembers talking to that one, and that it wasn't really a pleasant experience.

So this guy, he's allied with Deidara. And yet, he's putting out helpful information for others to see.

Interesting indeed.]


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