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[Video | Week 8, Day 4 ]

[ She is broadcasting this during the late morning hours, edging on towards noon; the sky is a hazy summer blue, sunshine-heavy, with cloud puffs overhead. Perfect weather for swimming. She wipes her face, where the eye-patch threatens to grow soggy with perspiration. ]

Is anyone in Yomisato today?

I was wondering if anyone wanted to look around with me. I'm --

[ She turns the Hitomi, indicating the outskirts of the marketplace. ]

I . . . want to look around. Set up work, maybe.

Miss Rin, my offer is still on.

Renji, are you well?

I've -- [ She cannot help from smiling at the thought. ] been settling on housing. I'm sorry for being gone! But I'd like to visit with you. All of you whom I spoke with before, I mean.

You can private message me, if you want.

[ Private to Iruka. ]

Mister Iruka? Can I . . . speak with you?


Gokudera. Yamamoto. [ She trails off, at that. ]

[ Private to them. ]

I'm sorry for . . . leaving.

But you're never far from my thoughts. I'll be there for you both.



Jul. 8th, 2010 10:52 am (UTC)
[video || private]
[There she is again, that newcomer girl. Rin's been half-hoping Chrome would just forget they ever had a conversation, but that is apparently not the case.]

Going to live in Yomisato?

[It's not something Rin has a problem with. Truth be told, she's kind of curious. Still, she's not keen on going there -- still thinking of this Deidara guy and who else might be making the rounds there. It doesn't sound safe.

Well, on the other hand, who says that where she is right now is safe?

Then, she does have to consider that offer. She should give a definite answer now. But what to answer, indeed? She still doesn't fully trust this stranger. Or maybe she doesn't trust herself, her own ability to protect herself.

I thought I've been over this, Rin thinks.

She might take Marco along... but no.

For a long while now, she's been depending on Marco far too much. Suddenly, she hears Hyakurin again, if you're always being protected that way by some tough guy, you're never going to be strong yourself, right?

Well. That cinches it. Or rather, it overrides the rest of Rin's thought process by getting up her defiant side.]

Ah, shopping... ? Well, why not?
Jul. 9th, 2010 03:00 am (UTC)
[video || private]
It may have to wait until tomorrow. Something's suddenly come up.

I'm sorry. I don't suppose you'd have any interest in helping us . . . liberate prostitutes? [ Ah, the ridiculous sound of it all! ]
Jul. 9th, 2010 08:26 am (UTC)
[video || private]

[That completely took Rin by surprise. Freeing prostitutes? It's not a thought that has ever crossed her mind.]

But... how? Won't their, err... their patrons come after them?


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